Road round with BikeService - end of the season

This year, we decided to organize our own bicycle meetings for people who ride on road bikes. From April, we regularly met on Tuesdays at 17:30 in Wilanów in Warsaw under the Airbike store. Yesterday, 25/09/2018, we managed to cross our 50 kilometer round for the last time this season.

The number of attendees surprised us a lot. In April, about 10 people came, while in subsequent places from 20 to even 50 people! We are very happy that the calm average speed of 30km / h was to everyone's liking. Our goal is to loosely get out after work and meet friends. The formula of racing and very strong training is nothing good, especially in terms of safety. At our meetings, maybe 2-3 accidents took place, which were harmless. We take great care to ensure that nothing happens to everyone and everyone returns home safely. Always before the start there is a short briefing explaining the rules of safe movement of the peloton.

In the next season we will definitely return to the organization of such meetings. However, we would like to make it a little more attractive. Perhaps we will have cool prizes and gifts from our partners.

For all who do not want to sit at home in the winter season, we will have an alternative. Most likely from October 16, 2018. (Tuesday) we will try to organize around 35-45km round, which we will cover mainly on cross-country or gravel bikes. We would like the training to not last longer than 1h 30min. Start at 17:30 from the Airbike store in Wilanów. We invite you now!

You can find more information on our Facebook