4 january 2020

Transporting bikes to the competition. Event calendar 2020

This year we bet on big events and trips once or twice a month. Check out what kind of parties we will be serving!

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31 december 2019

New Year's greetings

The year 2019 was special for us in many ways. New friendships, new customers and new experiences.

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27 november 2019

11 advantages of using the BikeService system

In this article we will focus on the advantages of using our BikeService system to show what you can gain from it and how…

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18 november 2019

Bicycle transport in practice

In this article we would like to show what are the benefits of this service and the scope of transport in this area.

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9 november 2019

7 benefits of using the BikeService application

BikeService was created especially for people who want to regularly service their bike. In fact, they don't need to…

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29 october 2019

BikeService Road Round - what's next?

We finished our joint rides on the last Tuesday of September and also gave away all the awards for stamps. So what happens…

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22 october 2019

Cycling season summary 2019

The 2019 season passed very quickly. Many may say that the season lasts all year round, but the bicycle industry in Poland…

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26 april 2019

Busy spring - a solid start to the season.

A busy start to the season means less time to write, but everything is under control!

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23 february 2019

Bicycle transport for competitions! Calendar of events.

Take your family to the competition and we will take your bike! Don't worry about how well you pack your car.

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16 february 2019

Bicycle transport door2door in Warsaw!

We offer you something new! This season, we dared to create a service for transporting bikes to / from the website in the…

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5 january 2019

Xbox Bike Team is a new partner of road rounds!

This year, team players will support our meetings.

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27 december 2018

End of the year - summary

It's time for the summary of 2018!

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