31 december 2021

New Year's Greetings - 2022

The year 2021 was challenging in many ways. The new experiences gained this year will certainly pay off in the year ahead.…

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17 september 2021

Bikeserviceapp fifth birthday!

Five years have gone by like a day! In fact, it has been five hard seasons of education, development and of course making…

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18 april 2021

Is your bike workshop ready for online customer service?

Nowadays, especially in the pandemic era, many customers have shifted their daily routines and the way they handle various…

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2 march 2021

Regulations in a bicycle workshop - what to look for?

Workshop regulations should be posted so that the customer can read them freely.

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10 january 2021

Bicycle workshop marketing - potential customers are found on the internet.

For many years, we've watched how bike stores and workshops have handled their online visibility.

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31 december 2020

New Year's Greetings - 2021

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone in many ways. New challenges, new realities and new experiences.

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30 november 2020

Summary of the cycling season 2020 and forecasts for the future.

We all know how crazy this year is and there is no need to write about it. Although we had to reorganise all the plans in…

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28 july 2020

Busy season - information on bicycle transport

The last entry on our website comes from mid-March. One can guess that thanks to COVID-19 our service was very popular.…

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4 january 2020

Transporting bikes to the competition. Event calendar 2020

This year we bet on big events and trips once or twice a month. Check out what kind of parties we will be serving!

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31 december 2019

New Year's greetings

The year 2019 was special for us in many ways. New friendships, new customers and new experiences.

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27 november 2019

11 advantages of using the BikeService system

In this article we will focus on the advantages of using our BikeService system to show what you can gain from it and how…

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18 november 2019

Bicycle transport in practice

In this article we would like to show what are the benefits of this service and the scope of transport in this area.

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