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Repair your bike without leaving home

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Book your repairs 24/7 with BikeService!

Bicycle repair

Choose the workshop where you want to repair your bicycle. Mechanics will professionally perform any service offered. At some points, door-to-door transportation is available. So you don't have to worry about anything!

Service prices

Every service center must have a price list of its services. Before you decide on a repair at the place of your choice, read the full offer beforehand. Remember that the price may differ from the actual price for non-standard repairs or those requiring more attention.

Repair history

If you can't remember when your bike was last serviced, then this option is for you! You can collect information and create a personalized service book!

See how it works

Find a workshop in your area
and trust the professionals


No matter where you live or how much time you have to search for a service online, with Bikeserviceapp you will find a workshop that is in your immediate area. By using our portal or app you will save time and receive a high standard of repair service!

Easy access from your smartphone!

Take your phone out of your pocket and make an appointment for bike service. We designed the portal to be easy to use from any device! Choose the most convenient option for you to make reservations and trust the specialists!

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