Free app that helps to repair your bike.

repair your bike without leaving home

Download the app and save time searching for a good workshop. You don't have to think about it, choose the best option for you and trust the professionals!

Bicycle repair

Select the option you wan't your bike to be repaired. If the workshop has delivery option, the courier will pick up and deliver your bike after the repair. Nothing eaiser !

Bicycle parts

If you are looking for bike parts or want to shop online, this app is for you. From us you get a list of online stores that sell bicycle parts.

Service prices

Each workshop have a price list of its services. Before you decide to repair, check out the possible cost beforehand. Keep in mind that the price may slightly differ from the actual one for custom repairs.


You live in a big city and don't have time to look for a workshopt? Our application will do it for you and find a workshop in your area. Based on the ratings of other users you have the chance to choose the best and enjoy your bike ride again!

Description of the app

The application allows you to get acquainted with the current offer of the workshop without leaving home and searching on the internet.

Every repair is evaluated. We meet expectations and we cut all speculation about workshop repair ratings!

 The team that makes the bikeservice application are the cyclists and triathletes. We know how important is the quality of work done and the amount of time spent. We want everyone regardless of the value of the bike to have services at the highest level. Everybody who works with us wants to improve their service. Thanks to user ratings, it's easier to fix the mechanics error. Leaving your opinion on the repair, you also give clear information why it is here that your bike is under proper care. Remember to always after the bike repair completed, add a mechanic's evaluation of the work.

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