End of the season and 17,000 done repairs

October marks the end of the cycling season. Of course, a lot of people, despite the capricious weather, will still ride, but in our system the traffic dies for a few months.

This year, mechanics have added a record number of repairs to our system. On February 24, we started preparations for the season with 7,000 repairs, while on October 4, we reached 17,000 repairs! This means that the system has accepted 10,000 repairs for 8 months :)

Such amount has several important components. Namely, very good weather from April to the end of September encouraged a lot of people to ride a bike. Before the season, but also during the season, we managed to establish cooperation with further workshops. A lot also depended on the number of cycling events in our country, which many amateur riders were preparing for.

We hope that all our efforts we will do in the autumn and winter will translate into good results next season. For us, work takes place throughout the year :)

Let only the weather be good for us! What we wish for you!