Do you know how important is the review of the bike after the season?

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Unfortunately, the weather has stopped favoring a pleasant ride, so it's time for a technical review of the bike after the season. The most important thing we can do before assessing the condition of our equipment is a good washing. It is worth spending more time on it and taking a good look at all the features, splinters or small cracks. During the season, different things happen and if we did not have any serious dump or crash, then nothing should happen with the bike. If we have a bicycle with cushioning, it is worth doing a few moves to check how the whole works. Often when the suspension or shock is working poorly, various disturbing sounds are heard or the damping decreases compared to what was at the beginning of use. Such a preliminary check will allow us to tell the mechanic later what to do or exchange.

The next step is to go to a specialist. Here, in addition to a factual conversation about defects or damage, it is also worth discussing the replacement of parts. We often observe the situation on websites and our users that, despite the high mileage of, for example, cassettes or rear derailleur wheels, few people decide to replace such elements once a season. For sure this situation is saved by the chain, which is by far the most frequently mentioned element of bicycle equipment. Of course, it all depends on how much we drive and under what conditions. If someone is racing in MTB marathons or road racing, their equipment will need more frequent visits to the service and replacement of parts that wear out. In our opinion, the basic elements that should be taken into consideration in cycling after the season are:

  • chain (exchange required in case of driving around 3000-4000 km) - depends on how much and how we drive,
  • cassette - after the season, it is worth to set up a new one and not to look that among 10-11 rows we have only 3 used :)
  • it is necessary to look into the controls - especially if we used to ride in wet conditions,
  • adjustment of gears and possible replacement of rear derailleur castors,
  • shock absorber / suspension service - even a basic look and checking if everything is ok, it will be a good practice,
  • support - it is worth checking if there are no clearances and if it is well lubricated,
  • wheel hubs - especially in the rear wheel. We do not do it ourselves and humbly give it to the specialists.

After the season it is worth to do a general overview of the bike. In various conditions, we happen to ride and a lot could happen. It is not worth saving on such a review! It is necessary to plan expenses so as to do as much as possible. Of course, the exchange of wrappers or grips may take place later, but the most important elements in the bike should be checked well.

When picking up a bike, ask a mechanic if everything has been replaced and checked as we wanted. The second important issue is also to find out if there are any damage that could only be revealed after dismantling an element such as a crank. It does not hurt to ask what to look for in the future and what we will have to mention, for example, in the next season. It is necessary to travel if there are conditions and check if there are any problems. If in the spring it turns out that something is badly done, no one will accept the complaint. This is also necessary to keep in mind.

The last thing is the maintenance that we can carry out ourselves. Of course, in the best services they will do it for us, but before putting the bike in a winter time, it is worth protecting the paint with, for example, a silicone coating, lubricating the chain and inflating the tires to an appropriate value. There have been cases where the bike was on "slippers" in the winter and later the tire was not reusable.

In the spring we check if everything is ok, we pump up the tires, lubricate the chain and you can go :) Remember about regular bike servicing. It's best to do it 2-3 times a year. Even a small survey is enough to make the bike serve us very long!

And you, what are your ways to take care of your bike? Share your opinions in the comments under the post on facebook! :)