Busy spring - a solid start to the season.


The season has started for good, so there is less and less time to write. This year we decided to launch door2door service, which we mentioned already at the end of February. The interest in such a transport slightly surprised us. We are hearing from services, which even lacked a bicycle transport on the market. Currently, we are approaching 50 completed courses in Warsaw and its vicinity. Many people using our service are very satisfied. Their comments are positive and very motivating for further work!

Spring is the time when we finish implementing changes in the system and applications. This year we have fixed a few options that were a bit of a nuisance to the work of the service and we have adjusted the transport options to the requirements of RODO. In addition, around June we will want to show you the results of our cooperation with Szosa magazine.

From May we start the action connected with the transport of bicycles to the competition. Unfortunately, due to the low interest in the event among the cyclists from Warsaw, we will not appear at Warmia Bike Fest as we announced earlier. In May we will be in Olsztyn and Sieraków. We have also started cooperation with the Triathlon competition Triathlon Energy series.

Finally, it is worth mentioning our Tuesday's road rounds with BikeService. Due to the cooperation with Xbox Bike Team and Activa application, every week you have the opportunity to collect gifts or a stamp for participation in the event. In this or next week we are preparing another surprise connected with cycling tradition :)

See you on bike trails and competitions all over Poland!