Busy season - information on bicycle transport

The last entry on our website comes from mid-March. One can guess that thanks to COVID-19 our service was very popular. In April and May the number of orders was higher than in the whole previous year.

In this weird season, the amount of work both in our company and in the workshops exceeded the expectations of everyone who is involved in this branch. Unfortunately, due to the cancelled sporting events, we had to rebuild the whole transport activity and focus only on door-to-door transport. Currently, due to a very postponed calendar of events, all trips will be made from August.

In addition to trips to the competition, we also started to carry out transport of bicycles for holidays. If you need to transport min. If you need to transport 4 bikes for e.g. 2 weeks to Masuria, we invite you to contact us. The cost of transport is priced individually, depending on the distance.

Below we present how the calendar of transports to the end of September looks like:

01.08. – 02.08. – busy date - transport of bicycles from holidays
08.08. – 09.08. – spare date
15.08. – 16.08. – spare date
22.08. – 23.08. – spare date
29.08. -  30.08. – busy date

05.09. – 06.09. – IronMan Gdynia/ Castle Triathlon Malbork
12.09. – 13.09. – spare date
19.09. – 20.09. – spare date
26.09. – 27.09. – Bike Expo - Bielsko-Biała

In case of changes, the calendar will be updated on an ongoing basis. Applications for bicycle transports are accepted by e-mail to the address:

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