Bicycle transport in practice

   As you probably know from this season we started to transport bicycles door-to-door and on a longer distance. In this article we would like to show what are the benefits of this service and the scope of transport in this area.



Transport in the city
   The first thing that was very visible after our experience this year was the time. Practically everyone who decided to transport a bicycle or its components through us needed time savings. Many times our customers trusted us with a lot of safety in order to deliver the equipment quickly enough. It should be emphasized here that insurance of transported property is of great value, which often showed us that customers respect our serious approach to this subject.

   The second thing after time savings (we can give you a lot of examples) is the financial benefit. The cost starting from 35 PLN is not an exorbitant price, and the offered service relieves the customer of the problem of driving sometimes even 30 km around Warsaw (or/and the surrounding area in one direction). Often it was the price that decided about the attractiveness of this service.

   Compared to our western neighbours, the market for electric bicycles is quite poor in Poland, but this does not mean that this type of bicycles is alien to us. In our portfolio there is a service of transporting a newly purchased bicycle and many times we have taken such bicycles to newly-built owners. The size and weight can be a big obstacle for many people, so we understand such needs perfectly well.

   To a large extent, it is the market that determines the fact that we provide a growing range of transport services. Currently, we also supply carbon components for repair, we deliver equipment from distributors, and we intend to regular transport of skis and snowboards.

Domestic transport
   Due to the fact that there is a lot of need for transporting bicycles, we met this need and addressed our transport also to triathletes and cyclists. Currently, we know that the calendar should include the largest and most popular events in Poland. Wherever there are bikes and the need to transport them (from Warsaw) we try to reach our offer. The main competition that always arouse a lot of emotions and nerves is IronMan in Gdynia. It's worth to book a place with us in advance, because they spread like "warm buns" :) Here it should be emphasized that we take the bicycle from the customer's home and directly to the home is brought. This is a great comfort before the competition, if you do not want to worry about it. Of course, the world does not end with triathlon and we would also like to visit other events, but you will find out about our plans in a separate article.



Foreign transport
   A big challenge for us was certainly two trips abroad, which we realized in a relatively short time. In both cases, road bikes went with us to Germany (actually also France) and Italy. The way of transporting them with small luggage was a big competition for air transport.

   Throughout the journey, the bikes were professionally protected against damage - mounted on special holders. Before the trip, the territorial insurance was extended to all European Union countries. This allowed us to provide basic protection in this type of undertaking.

   Anyone who is interested in such transport can contact us individually or representing a larger group. Transport costs are calculated specifically for a given trip. We take into account the number of bicycles, distance, fuel, highways and the time of the entire journey.

   To sum up, no matter what the need for transporting bicycles is, we try to meet every challenge. Many times we have approached this very individually and had positive opinions about the quality of services provided. We invite everyone to watch us on Facebook and Instagram where we show what is currently happening in our country :)

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