7 benefits of using the BikeService application

   Many people ask us a question about the advantages of BikeService and its long-term use. So let's answer the question: Who is the application designed for and when should we use it?

   BikeService was created especially for people who want to regularly service their bike. In fact, they don't need to have the technical knowledge to make things easier. Every cyclist, as well as amateur or professional cyclist has the freedom to use the options we provide him. It is worth noting that users using BikeService have a much greater awareness of the condition of their bike than other service customers. Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that there are certainly exceptions and this is only a fraction of what we see in our statistics and analysis of the statements of mechanics in the sites with which we cooperate. So what are the benefits of downloading the application to the phone?


1. Exact service history of your bike

Every user who has given a bicycle to the service at least once by making a reservation through the application can see exactly what and when it was done. In addition, we also show information about what were the costs of repair and its time. With more repairs, the whole story is arranged in a consistent list, which can help to estimate the cost of repairs throughout the season, and perhaps even contribute to the sale of the bike on the basis of documented repair evidence, as is the case with car services.

2. Time saving

An important issue that guided us during the development of BikeService was saving time when putting the bike into service. It certainly takes place on the side of the owner of the bike and the service. Hypothetically, we can assume such a situation; in the evening, when we come back from work and can finally sit down, we take the phone in our hand and make a reservation through an apothecary. We fill in the data and possibly describe the problem with the bike. The whole activity lasts about 3-5 minutes. Next, the next day or two days later, when coming to the service we do not have to give anything to the person receiving. It is enough to show the application in the application and wait for the printout of the confirmation. Of course, if we need to talk to a mechanic and possibly drink coffee (if there is such a possibility) then this time certainly will not save in some significant way. However, the process of returning the bicycle to the service is simplified as much as possible only to leave it and leave it. The rest of the work is done by the service.

3. Comfort

You may ask yourself what is convenient in case when you need to take this bike to the service anyway and waste time on getting there? Since this year we have been solving this problem in Warsaw and its surroundings in 100%. Our motto is "Give your bike to the service without leaving home". Those who have had the opportunity to use our services unanimously confirm that it is not possible to be more comfortable. We order transport through the application and we don't have to worry about anything anymore. In addition, settlement can also be done with us, so even the problem of payment has been completely eliminated. Of course, there are also special actions if the customer needs something extra, but this is already happening after the application :)

4. Saving money

Here we are certainly touching an important topic that is closely related to time. If we stick to the saying "time is money", the above points have already shown that even at the very entrance to the service we save money on fuel. The time saved can be spent on picking up the child from the kindergarten or doing something else, e.g. in the office. It is also worth remembering that sometimes the services do promotional actions and give a discount for returning the bike for repair by means of an application. Also, the savings may not be too big at one time, but if you repair your bike regularly, the situation changes quite a lot.

5. Transport

It can be said that it is a duplication of a point related to convenience, but not quite. Many of our customers do not have a problem with getting to the service or picking up the bike in the evening just before the end of the mechanics' work, but they have a problem with delivering a faulty bike. Not everyone owns a car, or if they already own one, it is not necessarily adapted to carry their bike in a comfortable way. In the application it is possible to select the option of transport only one way. This option is addressed to people who get on the bike after a repair and go home/work right away and to people who need to talk to a mechanic about what happens to his bike. It is sometimes worth considering whether we want to mount the bike in the morning before work or can use the transport option.

All right, but the world doesn't end in Warsaw, and BikeService operates throughout Poland. Therefore, in many places where we have managed to get there, the services sometimes offer transport on their own. In the application you can see on the list of options whether we have the possibility to use transport or not. If, however, no one in our city does not provide such services, it is worth asking whether the owner of the service / store does not make exceptions for his customers. More than once we have met with such a situation.

6. Location, price list and specialisations

You don't have to look for a service or range of services. Every workshop that cooperates with us is obliged to make its price list available. We no longer need to look for what and for how much, the more so that not every service always publishes it on the Internet in an accessible way. In addition, in addition to the location we also provide opening hours and evaluation of the service. If you want to know how far away is the service you have chosen, just wait a moment until the phone downloads data about the location and calculates the distance in a straight line. Specializations are also an important issue. In our application there are services, which apart from regular repairs, perform professional repairs of suspension and shock absorbers, service of electric bikes, Dutch bikes, painting frames or in winter service of skis. Everything without going to the Internet is in one place, accessible to the eye!

7. Service rating

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs who sell something or provide services take into account the opinions of their customers. Because not always each of you publishes opinions on the Internet, we have proposed a solution that allows you to give a strict rating for the service. The rating is available only after the bike is repaired and picked up. This allows other users to see if they are making the right choice when it comes to the quality of mechanics' work. Remember to return to the application after the repair. In the future we will surely improve and modify this option :)

   We know that many customers install the application and uninstall it after a few minutes. For us it is a sign that we don't meet their expectations or our product is not fully understandable. We hope, however, that after this entry we have introduced a little bit more about the advantages of giving your bike to the service using our application. We also strongly believe that more and more bike owners will be more and more often and regularly take care of the efficiency of their equipment. We appeal for it for reasons of safety and comfort of driving. After all, a bicycle is supposed to give us pleasure :)