Night Gravel - new meetings in autumn and winter

From Tuesday, 16 October, 2012, we invite you to our first gravelbike meeting entitled: "Night Gravel from BikeService". We're starting from the AirBike store in Wilanów at 17:30. We will meet cyclically and everything will depend on the weather conditions. If winter brings us great icing in the forest or very muddy mud, then meetings will not take place. Below are the details of our event:

MTB drivers have unfortunately to disappoint, but driving with us will not be possible, unless at the end of the group (max 2 people). Everyone is going to have fun on bikes like gravel or cross-country :) We're going to the forest!

Ride time: approx. 1h 30 min

Tempo: approx. 23-25 ​​km/h

Route: approx. 36 km - mainly the Kabacki forest

Link to the route:

Lighting: min. 450lm - it's worth investing!

Compulsory helmets!

We remind you about having a spare tire, pump and spoons.

Safety is the most important to us, that's why we remember about taking the helmet and following several rules:

- listen to the recommendations of the group leader
- always signal threats on the route
- we don't shout in the woods!
- we go in pairs in places where you can or go
- because this is the area, we think about everything
- we especially pay attention to runners in the forest !!!

The organizers do not bear any responsibility in case of any fortuitous events during the event, in particular health ailments and possible road collisions, material damage or injuries resulting from unfortunate accidents.

All information will be pulsed on our Facebook profile:

See you! :)