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Repair your bike without leaving home

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Free app that helps to repair your bike.

Download the app and save time searching for a good workshop. You don't have to think about it, choose the best option for you and trust the professionals!

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Modern workshop tool


The reservation system is based on the BikeService application. Getting a bike for repair is done online. How does it work in practice?

  • The booking enters the system automatically and receives the repair identification number. The mechanic accepts this request when the bike is physically in its service.
  • The mechanic marks the repaired bike in the system, then the owner gets the status of the repair sms or e-mail.
  • All repair identification numbers are visible in each section. In addition, there is the possibility of introducing new repairs manually so that each customer is supported by the system.
  • In addition, the system has many other options, such as comprehensive repair statistics, working hours and the type of fault or full rapair history.

The system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can earn even after closing your workshop!


Using the Bikeservice system, you raise the prestige of your company

If you want your workshop to be in the application base, please write to us, ask for details and price list.

In addition to the application we have also created a notification system. This is a simple tool for any professional workshop. By using this system you have a lot of advantages to increase the prestige of your business. In addition, each workshop has the ability to check the number of bikes repaired, work and fault statistics, quick contact with the customer, and full repair history.

Working with us, you can promote your store without additional advertising budgets and spending time with them. Every workshop using our system receives a door sticker and a poster informing you of the availability of the store application. Write us an email and we will write down all the details and answers to your questions.

Don't wait to join BikeService today!

Workshop Standard

99€ / year

8 € / month

  • Reservation from the app 27/7
  • Reservation history
  • Ratings from users
  • Overdue repairs alert
  • Price-list of services
  • Information in social media
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Mobile service support
  • Basic technical support

Workshop Premium

499 € / year

41 € / month

  • Reservation from the app 24/7
  • Support all workshop customers
  • Full print reservation
  • Ability to add comments
  • Sending SMS and email after repair
  • Complete statistics and history of repairs
  • Reservation calendar
  • Repairs statuses
  • Counting the cost of each mechanic
  • Overdue repairs alert
  • Simple and intuitive system interface
  • Ratings from app users
  • Price-list of services
  • Information in social media and on the
  • Full technical support
  • Transport module

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