End of the year - summary

The New Year 2019 will start soon, so it's time to sum up all the events from 2018.

The last 12 months have passed very quickly and were filled with a number of interesting events.

The first half-year was definitely dedicated to acquiring new workshops for cooperation. We managed to expand the customer base with new cities and strengthen the bicycle market in Warsaw. We started the season with 7,000 repairs and 32 workshops all over Poland. In April we inaugurated the first Road round with BikeService. Initially, 5-8 people came to us and at the end of the season there were 40-50 people. We are the most satisfied with this!

The second part of the year was full of interest in our application. Thanks to this, we have approached the level of 3,000 downloads from both platforms. The Kielce Bike Expo fair also gave us great recognition. 

In autumn, we wanted to revive the gravel theme in Warsaw, but the weather was not favorable enough to organize trips to the forest in a safe way for everyone. After the season ended, it was also possible to obtain new service points on the map of Poland. Thanks to this, there is a chance that in the spring we will be able to break the barrier of 40 points. Let's finish the year with a meter of almost 18,500 repairs and 38 services!

The current year shows that interest in products such as BikeService is constantly growing. Additionally, not resting on our laurels in 2019, we will offer completely new services. Pilot everything will take place in Warsaw. Ultimately, however, we will want to operate throughout Poland. We also prepare a new application update and expand the capabilities of the service management system. In 2019, we will also want to go abroad with the whole idea, but will it work? Time will tell! :)

Meanwhile, we wish you all cyclist good ride in the New Year 2019!