BikeService Road Round - what's next?



 The 2019 season was full of many new elements concerning the organization. Since May we made a classification of the fastest competitors on the uphill stretches and together with Xbox Bike Team we proposed collecting stamps for presence. As a reward you could get a bottle or a bag with the Xbox logo.

  Every Tuesday (unless it was raining) we observed a large group of amateurs who wanted to ride with us. We divided into two groups: the faster group driven at an average pace of about 36 km/h and the slower group driven at an average pace of about 30 km/h. The beginning of the season is always difficult for the peloton forming after the winter. Not everyone is covered yet and copes well with various difficulties. There were a few small incidents, but fortunately all the participants of our settings are safe and sound.

  We finished our joint rides on the last Tuesday of September and also gave away all the awards for stamps. So what happens next? From next year we stop organizing the Road round with Bikeservice. This is largely due to the change in the business strategy of the entire BikeSevice brand and limited personnel possibilities.

Thank you all for your time together on Tuesdays and see you on the road!