Bicycle transport door2door in Warsaw!

From March 1, we offer you something new! This season we provide the service of transporting bicycles to/from the website in the Door2door version. All you need to do is submit the application to pick up your bike and the person from us will contact you and set up all details. Reservations are accepted only by the app and the BikeService system. In every site in Warsaw, which cooperates with us will also be able to report the need to bring a bicycle. All you need to do is ask a team from the shop / service for this service.

How to do it?

1. download the app,

2. select "bike repair",

3. find a service in Warsaw that suits you,

4. select one of the forms of the website, e.g. "please take the bike for service"

5. select the preferred range of hours in which, for example, someone will be at home to give the bike (details are set by the driver)

6. find the right fault. If you do not know what to fix, choose one of the review options. The mechanic will call if in doubt.

7. fill in your details. Be sure to provide your phone number and email address. It will be easier to contact you. BikeService doesn't use data for advertising purposes. When the bike is delivered to the website you will receive an e-mail with the appropriate status. After the repair you will receive a text message with the costs of repair. Transport costs should also be added to this.


  • 35 PLN - one way in Warsaw, eg a home-service or home-house route.
  • 50 PLN - one way behind the Warsaw area, up to 10 km from the city border, e.g. Ząbki, Marki, Konstancin, and Piaseczno.

We will try to transport each bike as far as our technical capabilities are concerned. We are not afraid of cargobike, fatbike, e-bike or cruiser bikes. The maximum length of the bicycle (with the front wheel attached) can be 280 cm and the width is 135 cm. We hope that we will not have to refuse anyone :)

The driver does not carry cash with him. We accept payments only with cards and issue a receipt.
The transport regulations will appear no later than on 28/02/2019 on our website. You can also find more information on our Facebook profile.