11 advantages of using the BikeService system

   Regardless of whether we are dealing with a large or small bicycle service, it is important to provide customer service and the orders we accept from them. In today's world, what counts is the time and way of approaching many important issues, which translates into good relations with everyone we serve. Therefore, in this article we will focus on the advantages of using our BikeService system to show what you can gain from it and how it affects the work of the entire company, regardless of the scope of services provided.


1. Registration and service of all customers of the workshop
Depending on which bike we accept for the service, we can always register it directly in the system. The exception are customers who come only to replace the inner tube on the spot. We do not write such customers. In any other case, when the bike stays in the service and must have a confirmation of acceptance, and in it: your repair description, owner data, description of various characteristic points such as strong scratches on the paint and the settlement of costs, we enter it into the system. In the case of applications, a large part of the process of accepting a bike very shortens the time of registration. It should also be emphasized that in comparison to the traditional paper form, the system serves customers much more efficiently. This has a significant impact on the operation of the service during the season. Unfortunately, it all depends on how quickly the mechanic or shop staff adjusts to it.

2. Acceptance of notifications 24/7
Many service providers are very afraid of this because of the high workload. However, this fear is unjustified. Our experience shows that the applications that come from the application are often added by people who are aware of their bike and how the service works. However, even if there are many applications, it is possible to block their acceptance in a very simple and fast way. However, orders added after hours of work always save time on taking the bike to the workshop, and also give a picture of what bike or bikes will be repaired. In the case of customers "from the street" often do not know what we will face on a given day.


3. Service card printout
An important element that is important for customer service is the confirmation that the bike has been accepted for service. In our system you can print the full information, so called service card, which can and in principle should be signed by each customer. Of course, we have a copy for the service and for the bicycle owner. At the end there is a short information about the consequences of not picking up the bike for a long time and a clause on the principle of collecting personal data.

4. Sending SMS messages
There is no need to look for a customer number or just a card written with the customer. The system allows you to quickly send a text message with information about the completion of the repair and, what is important, with the costs. From the technical point of view, it looks like we give the price of the service and the price of used parts, which after summing up will be sent to the text message. Easy, fast and pleasant :)

5. Service comments
In addition to the standard comments on the service card, there are also separate comments for service technicians in the system. Any mechanic who wants to add to a repaired bike (e.g. a recommendation to replace parts) can do so on the next visit. This type of comments does not print anywhere, but remains in the system during the booking. This option is also helpful in reproducing the history of service.

6. Repair history
Since every bike is stored in the database, we have the ability to play back the repair history in virtually any way we want. Thanks to appropriate filters, searching is very easy. Each reservation is also information about the costs incurred not only for the customer, but also for the mechanic. In the application, however, the user has a reduced version of what is stored in the system.

7. Counting up the balance of repair trades
This is a very simple function that also applies to general statistics. When settling the repair, we have the ability to write down the costs of the service and parts together with the assignment of the mechanic. The whole is put in the right place in the tab with statistics. Of course, this is only some form of support for service settlements, on which you can rely only to determine the scale of the workshop. The decision on full confidence in what is in the system depends on the owner, who will ensure the correctness of data supplementing.

8. Service statistics
The system contains full information about how many bikes pass through the service. It shows exactly how many bikes were made in a given month, how much a mechanic did and how much he earned. In addition, we have given an approximate average repair time calculated from the date of adding a notification to the closing status of "repaired". This is conventional because of the fact that there are situations when the bike has to stand up its own. We also distribute the number of repairs accepted from the application and added manually. For people who more closely monitor the work of the service, we also added information about what are the most frequently chosen repair options (defects). Because each user of the application has the opportunity to evaluate the repair right after the bike is picked up, the service can see what are the statistics of these evaluations and each of them can be viewed separately.


9. Alert about overdue repairs
If your bike is in service for longer than expected, the system will show you an alert about the length of the repair time. After 3 days the reservation lights up green, after 5 days it lights up blue and after 7 days it lights up red. Of course, if the bike has to stand for so long, you can edit the reservation and set the status "in repair". Then the color of the displayed alert does not matter to us, because we know that this situation will last longer.

10. Adding a price list for services
It happens that customers have a problem with assessing whether what they want to repair will cost them a lot or not. Unfortunately, not every garage has a website, and if it does, it does not always have a price list for repairs. This is a very important aspect and no one should be afraid of the price list of competitive websites. It should be remembered that it is not the price that should be the exponent attracting customers, but the quality. If the quality is at a very high level, the customer will want to pay more so as not to have problems and expenses later. Our experience shows that most customers want to have a high level of service and pay for it with adequate money. Here, of course, always, but it's always the cyclists who want to have a very cheap and very good, but in our opinion, it is the service that decides which customers they want to finally serve.

11. Support for mobile service and door-to-door transport
From the very beginning, both the service and the application were adapted to the full support of mobile services. We tried to encourage customers to order repairs through the application without the need to call. In addition, it is also a tribute to the shops and services, which themselves carry out door-to-door transport in the area of the village. Our service, which we provide in Warsaw is always included in the package with access to the system.

   We tried to describe all the most important advantages of using the BikeService system. Of course, there are many more advantages and functionalities. Therefore, each service that would like to cooperate with us is encouraged to test the system. We give min. 14 days of free trial period. We are aware that not everyone has to agree with us. What is an advantage for one can be a disadvantage for the other and we do not force anyone to use our system.

   Each year we work together with programmers to improve the system and add new options. We are currently facing several challenges concerning the change of the graphic design, calendar implementation and integration with external systems.

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